Friday, October 24, 2014

Bangs and a Busy Weekend Ahead

As you can see, I got a new hairstyle!  I've been wanting to take the plunge with bangs again.  I have had them in the past and like them, although they are a bit of a pain.  Long hair girls like me need to shake things up sometimes and bangs are a good way to do that.
I hope you all have a great weekend.  I am throwing a Halloween party for my kids and their friends on Saturday.  I have a lot to do to get ready!
What are you up to this weekend?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

What I Got: Loft Belt

Loft Belt, $20
This belt has been featured on various outfits on Loft forever.  Well, maybe not forever, but for a very long time.  But it was never available for sale.  Until now.  Now it is available, and it is only $20!  I picked one up in Sunday and wore it Tuesday, and I love it.
I hope your week is going well!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Electric Sticker Co.

I was looking around on Etsy the other day and I came across the cutest thing- electric outlet stickers.  I know these are nothing new, but I can barely stand how cute these are!  If I had a little kid, I would put these in my house.  I think they would also be cute for a classroom- especially the Dali and Vincent ones!
Electric Sticker Co.
Oh, and Heisenberg?!  I love it!
I hope your Tuesday is going well.  We are going to a pumpkin painting event at my school tonight.  They'd better have black paint!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Lavender for Fall

I am a fan of lavender at any time of year but during fall, I think it can be so perfect.  It isn't as expected as all the warm toasty colors but I feel it is softer and still cozy looking.  A lavender coat is on the top of my list and I've wanted a lavender sofa for a long time.

Lavender for Fall

Lavender for Fall by rebecca-iverson featuring a velvet couch
Well, I had a great weekend with my family and today I have lots of chores to do and errands to run.  My daughter wants a wolf costume for Halloween, so I'll be working on that with my mom today.  
I hope your day is great!

Friday, October 17, 2014

F21 Coats for Fall

F21 Coats

I went into Forever 21 yesterday with the Cat.  She wanted flannels, and I wanted to check out our new H&M.  What I could not believe was the amount of great coats Forever 21 currently has stocked throughout the store.  There each about $50-$60, so really, you could stock up and have a different coat for every day of the week!
And now, the weekend!  I am so ready for a bit of a break.  Any plans?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Inspired by Art: Sophisticated Rural

The massive online auction site invaluable.com is a great source for design inspiration.  A room inspired by a piece of their artwork is an excited idea.  I love to design but I especially love a creative challenge: I chose a piece I loved from their site and created a space around it.  Oh happy day!  

Sophisticated Rural

Sophisticated Rural by rebecca-iverson 
I chose a beautiful oil painting entitled Karouev/Dan Farm (auctioned October 21st here).  I had a difficult time choosing a favorite work of art because, let me tell you, there are so many.  I didn't choose this particular piece because it was expensive.  The starting bid is only $70 but what do I care, it's gorgeous and makes me happy to look at it.  Also, I knew it would be the starting point for one gorgeous room.  
The first element I chose to go along with my painting is the rug.  I love that the geometric design mimics the roof-lines in the painting.  I also like the high contrast and almost quilt-like design.  The painting pre-determined that the space would involve contemporary country design elements and this rug looks a bit like a quilt.  I believe a simple blue sofa is perfect on this rug and in this space.
I next envisioned grass-cloth wallpaper that would cover the bottom portion of the wall divided by a chair rail.  Above the chair rail would be painted a soft gray-blue that would be a continuation of sky from the painting.  I love the combination of the earthy and warm grass-cloth and the soft airy blue above.  Just like the painting.  
The curtain fabric is a soft tonal silk check.  I like the traditional country pattern for this space but the silk fabric is a sophisticated juxtaposition to the textural grass cloth.  Also, the soft colors help the pattern keep out of competition with the rug.  
I brought in a touch of green with the beautiful lamps.  I wanted a hit of green but not too much.  
The Chippendale chairs would face the couch and they reinforce the natural and casual theme but keep it up to date with their strong line.  Because the grass-cloth has multiple shades of brown I was able to use a few different wood tones:  The chairs and the side tables are different wood tones but they are both in the grass-cloth and the painting.  
To finish off the space, a white branchy chandelier would hang over an ottoman or coffee table.  I like that it is light in effect and wouldn't compete with the other elements, but it is still a strong statement.

I hope you love this painting and the room it inspired as much as I do! There are so many paintings over on Invaluable.com's site available here. There are literally hundreds of fantastic pieces ranging greatly in price. Let me know what you think and be sure to go bid on this painting if you are interested.


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