Thursday, April 24, 2014

Kelly Weastler's Channel Print

Kelly Weastler hit the trend on the head when she came up with her channel print.  We are seeing it everywhere: from throw pillows to dishes.  It is the epitome of glam and it is very of- the- moment.  I am loving it mixed into a traditional space.  It isn't too strong but definitely shakes things up.
Amazing citrus colors!  Great mix of contemporary and classic.
www.tphblog.com - love channels and the other pillow fabric
Kelly Wearstler for One Kings Lane Designer Series Gift Wrap.  (PRNewsFoto/One Kings Lane)
Channels Ebony & Ivory -Kelly Wearstler -  Designer Pillow Cover (single-sided)
Even at $100 each the above pillow is a bargain for the impact it would have in any space.

Wednesday through Friday I am subbing middle school tech lab.  Tuesday I was in Kindergarten.  Talk about shock.  Oh, and I have an interview for that college job I had told you about!  We'll see how it all works out.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Shoppe it to Me

I came across this dress and it reminded me of one I had when I was in junior high.  Mine was by Guess and was denim, but it was the same cut, color, and length.  This one is probably cheaper than the one I had as a kid- it's on sale for $56 on Shoppe.  And if you're extra into saving money, you can purchase it through Ebates. (Go ahead and click the link and sign up now!  I am SO helpful, aren't I?!)  Quick, there are only 10 left, and it has side pockets!  

On another note, I want to give a little shout out to Dooney & Bourke.  I ordered my purse last week, but I screwed up and put the wrong billing address.  I got an email from the company asking me to call back so they could fix the problem and put the order through.  They happened to be closed on Good Friday and Easter weekend, but I got a response first thing Monday morning, and my purse arrived on Tuesday.  I couldn't believe it got here so quickly, and I have to tell you, it's gorgeous!  It is so beautiful, and I am so glad I bit the bullet and bought it.
I hope your week is going well; I can't believe it is already Wednesday!
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Vacation at Home

Everywhere I turn I see these gorgeous retro tropical spaces that have me itching for summer and vacation!  Everything from palm beach glam to island casual is represented and I'm sold.  Wouldn't it be fun to live like you're on holiday all year round?  I think it's an incredibly light-hearted way to live.  There are few brave individuals who would actually do this so three cheers for them!
awesome tropical bedroom design
Make A Splash With Tropical Home Decorating Ideas: Greenery In A Tropical Living Room ~ Manningmarable
Tropical living room with a Retro feel from coastalliving.com

I'm off to sub in my daughter's kindergarten class today.  I just need to stay alive...:)  
I hope your week is off to a great start!

Monday, April 21, 2014

A Beautiful Way to Blow Your Tax Return

So tax time has come and gone, and that means tax returns are being deposited into checking accounts all across America. I know a lot of people find tax time stressful, but then you start to hear stories about little splurges that area being made thanks to said tax returns.  I must admit that I splurged on a new purse (I went ahead and bought this Dooney & Bourke), and I've been spending a little more while shopping than I normally would.  Considering I want to replace the  flooring in my house this summer, I had better put the big spending on the back burner.
But if you've finally found yourself with a little extra cash in your account, why not treat yourself?  Go on.  Just please make sure to come back here and tell me about it, so that I can live vicariously through you!
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Pretty Spring Baskets

My brilliant mom decided to take her hoard of useful (yet unattractive) baskets and paint them in a scheme of pinks.  She also painted the inside of them gold.  I love how they turned out and they will be a perfect little collection of baskets to use for display or to gift.  

Aren't they sweet?  Just in time for Easter.  
Since this is our last post before Easter, let me take this opportunity to say happy Good Friday and have a beautiful Easter day on Sunday!
With much love to you,

Thursday, April 17, 2014

What I Want/Need: Dooney & Bourke

I have been in the market for a new purse for a little while now. I need something that will travel well, and something that I will feel safe traveling with (I can be a bit of a worrier when the two of us traveled). Because of this, I have been keeping an eye out toward cross body bags. I found one at T.J. Maxx, in black, that I purchased, but then I was looking at the new issue of InStyle, I spotted this beautiful bag and fell in love with it, and when I hunted it down (I hate when  magazines don't give more specific information about featured items), I found that it was on sale!  For the month of April, it is 25% off.  I need to bite the bullet and buy it, but I am having a hard time justifying another large (for me) purchase since I just spent a chunk of change at Loft.  I like that the color, and like that it will go with black or navy.
I can't believe it is already Thursday!  Tomorrow we are taking our 5th graders on a field trip to the Ronald Reagan Library.  (We do this every spring with our classes, and it's such a great experience!)  Saturday is my good friend Jaime's daughter's 1st birthday, so we will be partying it up kiddie-style.  Other than that, we have no real plans.  Maybe I should do chores?  How about you?  What are you up to this weekend?

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Trend Alert: Patterned Tile Floor

Lately I'm noticing patterned tile floors everywhere.  I'm attracted to the look because it creates a sense of history in a space; a feeling that the room was renovated around an amazing floor.  Often these tiles have a Mediterranean or art deco feel to them and this is what creates the "I've been here forever" appeal.  Also, an interesting floor tile pattern and/or color combination can work just like an area rug does in any space.  It creates interest and warmth and in a kitchen or bathroom, that's a wonderful thing.
pattern tile floor kitchen, farmhouse table as island, wooden beams, black cabinets, brass pendant lights
Love the mix of the subway tiles and the smaller pattern on the floor.  Well done.
Moon to Moon: Bold Statement Tiles...
Encaustic Tile
Hudson Milliner Kitchen Remodelista
Classic bathrooms are popular once more and there are a number of period-inspired tile collections around to choose from. Border tiles, inset patterned tiles and co-ordinating shades in both plain and patterned floor and wall tiles will add architectural interest to an otherwise plain room.

I'm curious, is this a look you would try in your own home?  I would like to think I would be so bold.  I am in love with the slate and pink flower ice-cream parlor floor!  Maybe in the kids' bathroom...hmmm.  


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