Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Round Up

Today I thought I would share some random links from around the web.  I know bloggers usually post weekly round ups on Friday (probably so you can take the weekend to enjoy them at your leisure).  Those bloggers are kind and considerate, but here's how I see it: it's Monday, you're back at work or back in your weekly routine, the weekend is long gone, and damn it, you could use a break to take your mind off the fact that it is only Monday!  That's where my links come in.  I'm a giver like that.  It's a blessing and a curse.
So, this first one... maybe you have seen it already, but I thought it was really interesting.  Ulric Collette, an art director/self-taught photographer, did a series of genetic photographs in which he kind of morphs family members into a side by side portrait.  They are both disturbing and amazing at the same time.
Genetic: Ulric Collette

I'm really loving the faceless art of Lisa Golightly on her Kiki & Polly etsy page.
In the Suburbs, $22
As mentioned over on Door Sixteen and SF Girl By Bay, Ikea is doing a collection with ArtRebels, and this table is crowding my thoughts.  Now, I love the table that is in my den.  I LOVE it.  It is one of my favorite pieces of furniture.  But this...  
image via Door Sixteen
Jennifer Lawrence is my daughter's most favorite actress ever.  Here are 45 of her funniest moments, in GIF form.
via Runt of the Web

I have about a thousand places I'd like to go on vacation, and this place is now one of them.

Here's one last link.  This one takes you almost directly to heaven; you do have to do a little bit of work first, but trust me, people, heaven is worth a little bit of work!

And there you go.  I hope you're week is off to a wonderful start, and let's be honest, I hope it is because of these links.

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  1. Let's have banana pudding on the porch of that incredible inn!

  2. Love doing a Monday round up! Especially if you are like me and are snowed in:)



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