Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What I Want: Travel Edition

Sometimes traveling can lead to some rather unglamorous moments. Who among us has never debarked from a long plane ride feeling (and maybe looking) like hell a little under the weather? Recirculated air can wreak havoc on your skin, and sitting still for hours on end can be enough to drive any one of us mad. It can be hard to look good while carting around luggage and running to catch your flight.
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Classic Large White Trunk, $400

Large White Trunk

You know what helps?  Great luggage helps.  With any of these pieces, you could almost (I said almost!) wear sweat pants and still look chic carting these around the airport.
The trunk pictured above is from the company Nappa Dori, an Indian based design house that creates beautiful trunks as well as other home and travel items.
Maybe a trunk is a little too unwieldy for you?  A little too heavy?  I, personally, am in the market for new luggage that is lightweight so I can fit more clothes and purchases in them.  Last time we went overseas we ended up having to leave clothes and shoes behind, as well as mail a large number of items home because we bought so much stuff.  (It was worth it, I won't lie.)
But, if you are in the market for a lighter piece of luggage, but still want durability and quality, as well as that wow factor, I don't think you need to look much farther than these next beauties.
Steamline, The Diplomat, $600
Steamline's The Diplomat in Carry-On size, $600
Aren't those two just gorgeous?  They are from the company Steamline and are both under 10 pounds.  I know a $600 price tag may seem pretty steep for a carry-on, but think how much use you would get out of using it!  I would probably travel more just so I could use the bag more often and justify the cost.  So it would definitely be a win-win in the grand scheme of things, what with all of the traveling I'd be doing just so I could show off use the bag as much as possible.
So what do you think?  Splurge on gorgeous new luggage, or go for something like a Samsonite?  I currently have Michael Kors luggage, which I love, but it is pretty heavy and I have a hard enough time packing as it is.
I hope your week is going well!  Halfway to the weekend, woo-hoo!
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  1. These are absolutely dreamy! I would love to own one of them!

  2. How cute! Those bags are a modern take on a classic, luggage design that you don't see any more!



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