Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I Dream About This Kitchen

When I saw images of this perfect white on white kitchen my pulse raced.  Good design has that effect on me and I am fast friends with anyone else who is like that.  My kitchen needs help and this is exactly what I envision.  I found these images from designer Allison Whittermore's blog over at halcyon style blog.com.  She did not design this space but she appreciates it as much as I do.

What I love most about this kitchen is the farmhouse nod within a very clean design.  There are no frills (unless you count the 2 inch marble counters and wood range hood...love) and it is perfection.
I am still loving the bronze hardware on white cabinets look.
I know I mentioned it before but did you see that range hood?!

Today I have a lot to do.  I need to go drop off cupcakes to my daughter's kindergarten class, and then I need to go buy teacher gifts (tomorrow is their last day) and I am preparing for my daughter's birthday party on Saturday.  Phew!  A lot but at least it is all fun.
Oh, and I know someone else who is having a birthday tomorrow. Lori!  Can I just take a moment to wish her an early happy birthday?
Lori is so fantastic.  The girl has style and fashion sense that few could aspire to.  I am constantly copying her looks.  She is a wonderful mother and teacher and I am so grateful I can call her my friend.  I hope your birthday tomorrow is as fantastic as you are.  

Have a beautiful Tuesday everyone!

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  1. What stunning kitchens–I love them all!

    Happy early birthday, Lori!



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