Monday, September 15, 2014

What I Want: Library Card Catalog Furniture

I have always loved the look of apothecary cabinets and library card catalog holders. There's something about all those drawers and the possibility of what could be inside them. There was a shop in Chicago, Uncle Fun, that had an apothecary cabinet that was filled with different goodies in each drawer.
I love the look when they are incorporated into the home, too.  When done right, it can look amazing.
image via

This first piece can be found in designer Genevieve Gorder's home.  It's an old bait and tackle cabinet that she has used in different spaces in her home.
Here is the piece in the designer's home.
image via Genevieve Gorder

The next piece is from West Elm, and I love it!  I saw it for the first time in their new catalog, and I think it looks fantastic.
West Elm Librarian Media Console

image via Emily Henderson
Doesn't this piece look like the one from West Elm?!  It is actually an antique card catalog that was put on hairpin legs, and then a mirror was added to the top.  Emily Henderson found it at a flea market for $250.  I'm thinking West Elm must have seen her post that this piece was featured in, and realized what a fantastic piece this is, and decided to recreate it and sell it themselves!  For a tiny increase of $750!  I love this piece; I think it would be a great replacement for the console table I have in my formal living room.  $1000 is not in my budget, however, so I guess I will just add it to my ever growing list of things to keep my eye out for!
I hope your Monday is going well!


  1. Love the card holders too! I've seen them at antique shops and I bet a thrift shop or flea market would be an even better price!

  2. my mom has been looking for a library card catalog for ages too!
    the west elm piece is gorgeous, but vintage is my favorite :)

    1. I agree! I especially love the one Emily Henderson found at a flea market!

  3. I just love this–and the hairpin legs are divine!

  4. LOVE this idea- reminds me of the good ol' elementary school days of using the card catalog in the library. :)




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