Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY Shadowboxes


These shadowboxes are such great alternatives to art in a kid's room.  They are unique and there are endless
ways to customize them.  I also like that you, and your kids, can change out the display whenever the mood strikes!

Start with 6 ft. lengths of 1x4inch pine.  For all 6 boxes it took 4 pieces.  Two 8 ft. lengths of trim was used on the outside of the box to finish it and add an interesting detail.  Less than one sheet of beadboard was needed for the back.  Sample size pots of paint were more than enough for this project (I even found one in the return section, so it was really cheap).  I like these Schleich animals for "art" in the boxes.  They would have been cute as they are, but I wanted to modernize and unify them by spray painting them white.

I wanted these boxes to have some presence, so we made them on the large side, 9'' square.  

After all the pieces are cut, glue and nail them together, then clamp them overnight.

Next, fill all the holes with wood filler then sand smooth.

If there are any spaces between the joints, fill and sand these spaces as well.

Cut the beadboard large enough so that it covers the entire back of the box.  Paint and then nail in place.

I don't have a picture, but be sure to paint the frame of the box before attaching the beadboard, much easier.

Attach a picture hanger on the back.

There you have it!  Cute, custom, and easy.


  1. These are fantastic! I've been showing all of your cool projects with my recently prego partner teacher. We're excited to get crafty in her nursery!

    - Ryan

  2. Oh great! I am glad I could give you a bit of inspiration. I want to see when it is done!!




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