Monday, June 11, 2012

Backyard Boutique

 My beautiful friends Elizabeth and Kaley came up with a great idea:  they love garage sales and thrift stores and would always find more great things than they needed or could use, so they thought they would give their friends an opportunity to get in on the goods.  Ingenious.  

 There were even some yummy snacks to munch as I enjoyed catching up with my friends and meeting a few new ones.
They made these cute little bidding paddles.

 Looking through the racks of goodies.

 Look at how well organized it all is.  The table in this picture was "buy it now." I liked how they mixed methods of silent auction, buy it now and bidding; it kept things moving.
We browsed the tables of items that would later be auctioned (I had my eye on the straw bag).
 The clothes on the lines all had cards which we could write our paddle number and our bid on.  At the end we all went over to see the things we bid on and find out if we got to take them home.
I bid on this cute vintage dress!
 The bidding was fun and went quickly.  Everyone had a great attitude and there was even some friendly competition.

Look at my great new outfit!  Thanks ladies--can't wait for the next one!

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