Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Challenge and Outfit of the Day

image via the paris apartment
I thought this was rather good advice for the start of the week, and a lovely thing to challenge people to.  They are all pretty easy things, but think about how much difference they would make, either to you or to someone else.  Or both.  I think they're great ways to ensure that you have a lovely day.

Rebecca and I joked that this is a classic
pinterest pose.  What am I looking at?
A mantis.  A praying mantis
Space Ghost Zorak.jpg
Not this mantis.
image via

blouse: Forever 21  (similar style (in cut) here and here)
skirt: Ann Klein (similar style here)
shoes: Sofft (similar style here)
bracelet: Dillard's (similar style here)
jacket: Dillard's (similar style here)
This outfit, a simple navy pencil skirt, blouse, and striped jacket, works well in the summer heat.  The jacket adds structure, but can be removed.  The blouse and skirt offer a put together look that allows you to stay cool.  A gold cuff and a sock bun completes the outfit.

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