Sunday, June 10, 2012

Parisian Chic

Parisian Chic
by the beautiful Ines de la Fressange

image via Chic Trek

Rebecca was over at my house the other day picking up a couple of things to take on her weekend getaway with Ty, when I made a couple of outfit suggestions a la Parisian Chic.  I showed Rebecca the look of an outfit I had chosen, as I had modeled it after a beautifully put together look from the guide.  She had never seen the book!  What's this?!  How could I have managed to let my friend go for all this time without showing her this fantastic guide?  I have failed as a friend.  I was certain that I had done a post on the book already, but looking back, I found that I have only ever mentioned it in passing.  For shame!  This book deserves an entire post, it is that inspirational!
The face of Chanel for many years, Ines de  la Fressange proves that
you can be both beautiful, clever, and artistically inclined.
image via Vogue

The book itself is very chic; it is soft red leather with a drawing by Ines embossed on the cover in gold.  You open it up to find a plethora of great, easy tips that will help you achieve that sometimes elusive chic French style. To prove my point, here is another picture from the book that combines simple pieces brilliantly. This one, as does all the photos from the book, features Ines' gorgeous daughter, Nine.
To me, this is perfection!  I love that cardigan thrown casually over
a short, simple dress.  It grounds the whole look and pulls it together, making
just a simple dress look completely, effortlessly chic.
And that shade of green?  You might not think so at first, but that shade
of green is perfect.  I mean it.  After I read this book (devoured it!), I rushed out
to find a cardigan like the one in the picture.  I finally lucked out and found one at
Forever 21 (I ended up buying another one, just to have a spare, I love it that much!).  This
army green cardigan is so versatile- the color, though you may not think it, really is a fantastic
neutral.  My version is light weight, stashes easily into a purse, and goes with a ton of stuff in my closet.
image via Vogue

Does that outfit look familiar?!  Another example of perfection.
image via the simply luxurious life

I definitely recommend adding this style guide to your library.  Have a great weekend!

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