Saturday, June 29, 2013

Minor Obsession: Black Beauty Table

We got back from our little road trip late Thursday evening.  We had a great time; I can't believe how beautiful Oregon and Washington are.  I mean gorgeous. Ridiculously beautiful.  Everywhere we looked it was green; such a far cry from the desert!  Of course, the trip was made even better because we got to visit with good friends.  And shop without tax. That was a pretty beautiful thing too.
So one of the things I came home to was the delivery of the new rug for my formal living room.  I actually don't want it to be really formal, so at Rebecca's suggestion, I got a zebra print rug to add a little fun to the space.  I also came back to the new Traditional Home magazine.  There was an article on the O'More Show House, where 17 designers worked on spaces.  My favorite was a table in the breakfast room done by Jonathon Savage.

Isn't that space gorgeous? I am so in love with that table! And ever since Rebecca suggested I get a round table for my kitchen area, I have been obsessed!  I absolutely love the detail on this table.

Look at the detail on that table.  It is by Bunny Williams, and it is available through Jonathan Savage, who sells  pieces that he uses in his designs.

Buy it here.
taigan.com via Lori on Pinterest
So, so, so beautiful, isn't it? And so affordable at only $4,800.  What a steal, huh?!  That Bunny Williams knows her stuff.
Hope you're all having a great weekend!
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