Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday: Smile!

What a weekend.  Yesterday we spent doing yard work, which is quite a chore because we have a very large front and backyard.  We are trying to get the house ready for our daughter's party next Saturday.  The unfortunate thing about this weekend is that there is a giant fire not far from us that has been threatening homes (some of which belong to our friends).  There is ash falling from the sky and smoke in the air.  We are all praying that it will be contained soon.
On a lighter, or shall I say higher, note (Ha!), we got to see a really wonderful local production of La Traviata last night.  We had a great time.
Today, because of the oppressive fire, I'm feeling the need to see and share things that make me smile.
What else can we do when events are out of our control?
The little Kate Spade number makes me grin.
Pile of spotted sweetness.
A pile of spotted puppies has to make you feel warm and fuzzy.
summer inspiration
The epitome of Summer whimsy.
Vogue nino Espagne~ SASSY
I love this one.  Totally reminds me of my daughter.  Fierce.  
This is such a feel-good space.  
I can't help it, this next series just made me laugh!  A good insult is art, people.  I mean, we all have an evil streak, right?  Nothing too mean, just a little left-hook to the ego can be funny. 
Witty Insults from Famous People
I hope a few of those images and quotes made you smile and put you in a happy place too.

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  1. GAH there is nothing like a snappy retort, a stinging comeback, or a good old fashioned insult clothed in a charming phrase :) Love this!



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