Friday, September 30, 2011

White Elephant

 Sneak Peek

I have two really fun projects that I have been working on for the past few weeks.  A friend of mine has an adorable 2 year old little girl, and is expecting another baby girl in January.  I was thrilled to be asked to help decorate their rooms.  So far we have chosen the color schemes, painted both rooms, and added chair rail.  The homeowner chose the bedding and curtains for the toddler room, so that was the inspiration for the colors and animal elements (I am always reluctant to do anything "themed"), but they can easily be changed later when the room needs to "grow up."  I was shopping for myself at a local antique store when I came across this sad looking elephant.  I thought that it would be an interesting side table for an outdoor patio, either painted black or white.  I would have passed it up if it didn't have a purpose and was only decorative.  When I saw the bedding for the toddler room, I remembered this elephant table and knew it would be perfect for the toddler room; it is the right scale and is quite heavy (so little sweetie won't knock it over). 

 At first glance this little guy is very ugly and cheap looking, but it doesn't take much imagination to realize that it is a perfect find for a room in need of personality and an element of fun.

Here it is!  Painted white so that the intricate floral design takes on a subtle appearance, making it look more like sculpture.  I can't wait to see it in the room with a sippy cup or stack of books on his back!  Stay with me so that you can see the finished room too.


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