Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Inspiration

Thought I'd share just a few images via the world wide web for this lovely Saturday on which I long to be lazy.  The laziness just isn't panning out, unfortunately. 

I am kicking myself for not picking up that perfect Gap cardigan.
image via Sorakeem

fall blankets chunky knit
  I love summer, but I'm looking forward to wrapping up in cozy knit blankets like this.
I've gotten mine from Pottery Barn and Marshalls.
image via I'm Close to Perfect

I will definitely be sporting this look sometime in the near future...
have the jacket, have the shirt, have the hair color,
and I want navy nail polish (though I think my torso twin here is sporting black).

image via Moon and Trees

Here's another insta-outfit that I could wear tomorrow.  All of the pieces that are required
are already in my closet.  Somewhere.  My closet is a bit... jumbled right now.

image via  sorakeem

Do you see a pattern emerging?  I adore chambray.
Love it.

image via Kevin Chung

And with that, I bid you adieu.  Hope you have a lovely weekend!



  1. Don't be TOO upset about the "perfect" Gap cardigan with the elbow patches. I did and was sorry. It balled HORRIBLY after only about 2 hours of wear! Had to return and the sales associate told me that the sweaters even balled terribly sitting on the shelf so he returned for me, no problem! I'm sure there's a more lovely one out there to be had:)

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  2. Now I don't feel so bad about missing out on it! If I find a better one, I'll let you know!

  3. Hello! I love that green utility shirt jacket (photo with the chambray shirt and blue nails:). I've been looking for something very casual like that, but everything I find has a strong military feel. Where did this one come from?

    Love your site, by the way.

  4. Yes, I'm obsessing on that jacket, too!! And who has found a lightweight chambray or denim shirt that isn't bulky when layered??

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