Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sweet Spot Sunday: Gin and Tonics

I found this delicious looking recipe for Blackberry & Meyer Lemon Gin and Tonics from the blog Spoon Fork Bacon.  How delicious do those look?  And how much do you love the name of that blog?!

I want to make those asap.  I will need to buy some gin.  And tonic.  And blackberries, Meyer lemons, and maybe a set of one of these adorable vintage tumblers I found on etsy.

Vintage Turquoise White and Pink Tumblers
from Debs Country Village
Dogwood Tumblers
from The Bountiful Bird

Turquoise and Gold Leaf Tumblers
from Brooklyn St Vintage

Vintage Turquoise, Pink, and White Glasses
from Owl in an Ivy Bush
Bar ware Tumblers
from Mrs Rekamepip

Love.  Especially these last ones; these I adore.  I think this last set would be perfect for a gin and tonic; some of the other glasses might be better suited for a different drink, but I still love the color schemes of pink, gold, and turquoise.  

Have a happy Sunday!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Vintage Faux Fur Coat

 I got this fabulous faux fur coat with a built in belt and gorgeous jewel buttons for $35!  You read that right, $35.  It is the most glamorous thing in my wardrobe this fall/winter.  I like it paired with a combination of casual and classic elements: tie- front blouse, skinny jeans and leopard pumps.  It would be equally great with an evening dress.

After I bought this coat I saw something almost exact in the pre-fall Vogue.  Moschino and Nina Rici (among other designers) are showing a  lot of crushed fur coats like mine.  And here I thought I was being original!

 All photos by: Kyungmoo Ryu

 coat: Vintage
blouse: T.J. Maxx
jeans: target
pumps: Nurture
sunglasses: Kenneth Cole
bag: vintage
ring: gift

Friday, September 28, 2012

Freaky Find Friday

I have been spending a little more time than usual over on etsy lately, and while hunting around for various goodies, I stumbled across a little gem.

Now, it is no secret that Rebecca and I both like equestrian related fashion and housewares, so it should come as no surprise that the following piece presented itself to me.  Was it fate?  Kismet?  A carefully programmed searchable database?  It doesn't matter, people.  It found me, and my life will never be the same.

Let me continue by saying that horses are majestic, beautiful creatures, are they not?  It is no wonder that they inspire the dreams of so many young girls and boys alike.  It is no wonder that the fashion world continually circles back to equine related trends.

image via
I mean, come on!  How beautiful is that animal?!  So it is really no wonder that artists of all mediums seek to recreate that kind of majestic beauty.   For centuries, horses have been recreated as toys for children, perhaps most notably as rocking horses. 

available for the low, low price of $7,600.00 on amazon

This beauty was created by the Stevenson Brothers as a limited edition for the Queen's "Golden Jubilee."  It was inspired by two rocking horses in Queen Victoria's collection.

My find for today is a very, shall we say, creepy unique take on that popular classic.

from Diamond Dust Taxidermy

So what do you think?  Perfect for that new nursery, ay? 

Apparently, this was made for a college class.  Bestiality 101?  I'm not sure.  Anyway, happy Friday!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Inspiration: Sarah Richardson's Master Ensuite

Last weekend, Rebecca invited me over to watch a film classic (Cover Girl), to enjoy some drinks and snacks (Framboise and caramel marshmallow popcorn), and to catch up.  I got to her house after her kiddos had gone to bed and I had dropped the Cat off at my parents' house, and she started the movie, and we got to talking.  Among various other subjects, we started talking about my bedroom lamps, and what we were going to do for shades.  This discussion led to Rebecca switching the movie over to her cache of Sarah Richardson shows that she has saved on her dvr.  There was one master bathroom in particular that Rebecca wanted to share with me because it is so. damn. AMAZING. 
image via decor pad
First, let me tell you that this picture, while gorgeous, does not do the room justice. 

image via Parkdale Avenue
This master ensuite was done during season 4 of Sarah's House.  The room is almost 200 square feet, and there are custom upgrades throughout.  Did you know that if you  buy a track home during its construction phase, you can make minor changes to the floorplan and the built ins?  Sure, you can do upgrades, but you can also modify some pieces, like Sarah and her partner Tommy did to the vanity.

image via Design Maze

To cut costs, they kept the basic vanity that came with the house, but made some minor modifications.  The middle became recessed, and the doors and drawers have recessed panels, which Sarah fitted with custom cut antiqued mirrors.  The result is stunning.

image via Design Maze
image via Design Maze
What a relatively easy upgrade!  Not the recessing-the-middle-bit, but you could change out your preexisting cabinet doors with recessed panels and have mirror cut to fit.

image via Design Maze
(This site is a treasure trove of great house pictures!)
That picture does a little more justice to the ming green natural stone- the color is so beautiful!

If you get a chance, be sure to catch this episode of Sarah's House, season 4.  It is unbelievable!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy 1st Year DGV! via I Love Lucy

Today is the one year anniversary of our blog!  Lori and I have posted every single day for one whole year.  That's something, right?  Lucy and Ethel of I Love Lucy come to mind when I think of this past year and our adventures.  There are many more adventures to come too!  We are both so excited about what might be in store for us in the future.

 One of the best things about the show is the friendship between Lucy and Ethel.  They fought and teased, schemed and planned, but always they were friends.

via redbook
Like Lucy and Ethel, we enjoy many similar things and our inspirations often come from the same places.

Will you just look at us 8 years ago!  Here we are at our graduation for our B.A. degrees.  It looks like we are even sharing outfits here:  Lori has the gown (and high heels it seems) and I have the cap!  

via can.cbs
I hope Lori's bedroom turns out better than Lucy's did!

A sneak peek at Lori's bedroom!

via aprongoddesses
Remember this episode?  Ricky and Fred leave Lucy and Ethel at a restaurant because they get in an argument about equal rights.  Lucy and Ethel get even though.
For us: If you believe in something, stick to it even when it is tough and see it through!

via tumblr
In this episode Lucy wants to see the Queen.  Here she is about to try and make the palace guard laugh...unsuccessfully.
I know a trip to Europe together is in our future!

via asamatterofstyle
We are willing to take on the impossible like Lucy and Ethel did at the candy factory.

via colettepatterns
Here Ricky and Fred try to prove their point that high fashion looks ridiculous, but guess what? Even potato sacks can be worn with confidence and attitude!

via lucyfan
Ha!  Love this!  Silly in sequins and laughable in leopard but who cares--they are fabulous!

It's all about friendship!

Happy 1 year to Desert Girls Vintage!  We did it...Let's do it again...


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Inspiration: Moby- Dick

Like so many others, I read Moby Dick in college.  And like many others I had to go through it pretty quickly to keep up with the pace of the class.  I saw it on my bookshelf about a month ago and decided that it deserved another (more thorough) read.  I enjoyed every line of this book, and even though the actual whale story only takes up about 80 of the total 521 pages, you won't lose interest because each chapter becomes its own metaphor in a separate genre but works together within the same metaphysical themes of the novel.

Here are a few Moby-Dick inspired items--many of which are on my wish list.

This ship guide comes in handy when reading Moby Dick. Helpful and decorative.  That is a great combination. 

Lori and I both love a good ship painting.  I would like this one in my son's room.
via swindermanelias
Pretty great.  It work in a library or office but it would also be perfect in a kid's room.  I like pieces like this because they are functional as well as beautiful.

Moby Dick clutch.  It's just fun.

via patchnyc
via shopify
Wine stop.  I think I need this.
Again, functional but with a sense of humor.  
via pinterest
Believe it or not my son's first pet was a fish named Ishmael.  Britton couldn't say fish so it came out "Ish."  Ishmael would have been right at home in the belly of this whale.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Favorite Find: Etsy shop Summer Holiday Vintage

For the past couple of days, I have been popping over to etsy to create treasury lists.  Have you ever created a treasury list on etsy?  Do you even know what I am talking about?  Well, I'll tell you.  You know when you log onto etsy, the front page has rows of featured items?  They usually tend to "go together" somehow; there is some kind of theme.  Usually those items are from a featured treasury list.  Anyone with an etsy account can go around and create beautifully curated lists, from multiple sellers and shops.  It is kind of fun.  Some of those etsy members have elevated the treasury list to an art form.
So the other day, as I was poking around on etsy, a featured item happened to be these adorable pink vintage canisters.

So cute.  Get 'em here, before they're gone.
This is the treasury list that I found these on:
The title of this list is "Pink Me! Pink Meeeee!"  and it is by eried.
You can see the full list here.

The canisters come from the shop Summer Holiday Vintage

Can you see why my heart went a-pitter patter?!  Not only do I love the items (check out that umbrella!); I also love the way they display the items. (See how the gold stands out against the grey and teal blue of the book spines?  Gorgeous!)

Vintage Umbrella with Lucite Handle
Vintage Brooch
Antique Sheet Music
Vintage Brass Peacocks
These are awesome--just ask Rebecca!

Vintage Horse Bridle- perfect for an equestrian themed gallery wall!
Vintage Silver Bowl
There are so many items that I want from this shop; the owner has a fantastic eye and I am in love with quite a few of the pieces!  Just gorgeous,  Gorgeous, I tell you!

Here is a link to a treasury list I created featuring items solely from Summer Holiday Vintage :


Hope you like it!



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