Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Time for a Picnic

On Monday I offered up some stylish choices for back to school supplies since we start school next week. But that is next(oh MY GOD!!!) week, so until then, let's revel in the glory that is summer. Sleeping in. Staying up late. Taking little road trips. Shopping. During the day. And, just for kicks, why not an end of summer picnic? I am loving/coveting each piece featured here- especially that wine. I think a little trip to the local BevMo might be in order so I can add that to my stash.
It'll probably come in handy once school starts back up, believe me.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Recent Favorites on Etsy.com

You know how it is:  You are supposed to be busy doing something that you really don't want to do so you surf the internet instead.  I find great stuff this way.  I popped over to Etsy last night and found a few pretty great items.  The clock for one is really fantastic.  The quail tray is so chic.  The yearly planner is lovely and I, for one, like to write lists on actual paper so I need this.  Take a look and remember that these lovelies can be yours and they are each under $100!

Recent Favorites on Etsy.com

Monday, July 29, 2013

Back to School

Well, it's just about that time again- time to go back to school. For some of you, this doesn't mean anything more than aisle after aisle of fresh new school supplies. For those of us who have kids in school, or who are in the field of education, those shiny new crayons, packages of brand new paper and not yet sharpened pencils signal the end of vacation and the start of another new school year.
I figured since it 's Monday anyway, why not share some of the supplies that will be making it into the Cat's backpack for school (which, by the way, starts next week)?!
First, let me just say that she will not be carrying around an alarm clock; I just love the kind of vintage style on this one from Cotton On.
Second, how stunning is that first a4 campus notebook- the marbled one.  I think it is gorgeous, and the pencils from See Jane Work go stunningly with it.  Plus, those little animal sharpeners are too cute for school.  I'm also loving those rulers- who knew school supplies could be so stylish?!

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Film Inspiration: Made In Paris

Not long ago I was watching AMC and came across this 1966 film called "Made In Paris" staring Ann Margret and Louis Jourdan.  As a classic film lover it is a surprise that I had never seen it before.  I must say that Ann Margret's acting is pretty bad, Jourdan couldn't even save it, and the plot is uninspired but I LOVE the clothes (designed by Helen Rose) and the overall look of the film.  The Paris apartment she stays in is absolutely gorgeous.  I wish there were images of it I could share.  Anyway, I thought I would show you a few of the beautiful outfits from the film:
image via tumblr
image via flickr.com
image via tumblr.com

It's such a beautiful day today!  Our shed is almost completed and tonight I get to go on a date with my wonderful husband.  Yay for today!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Style Crush

This week on Long Distance Loving's Friday Fancies the theme is "Style Crush."  When I first read that, my mind went in about a hundred different directions.  I have so many style crushes!  Blair Eadie (who doesn't have a style crush on that woman?!), Oliva Palermo, Rachel Bilson and her fictional character Zoe Hart, the list goes on.
I decided today to focus on someone who has helped, in many ways, shape the face of fashion- former Chanel model Ines de la Fressange.  Her style is the epitome of chic, and I love that she is so willing to share what she knows.
There is even a Parisian Chic weekly planner to help guide and inspire you.
buy it here
I've had the original book since it was published in 2011.  I love the classic outfits presented in the book; two years later and I am still wearing variations of the the clothes inside because they are timeless.  Here's one of my favorites from the book.

I went out and bought two cardigans like the one pictured, and even though they are kind of an olive/army green, they are so neutral that I can pair them with just about everything.  Plus they are light enough that I can slip one into my purse in case I get chilly at some point.
Style Crush

Sleeve dress / Dress / Floral dress / Raif long sleeve shirt / Dorothy Perkins / Watch

Friday, July 26, 2013

Sarah Richardson: Grey and Blue Bedroom

Just yesterday I was at Lori's house and I was describing this bedroom Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe designed to her.  I thought that I might as well post pictures of it since it is one of my favorites.  I love the mix of grey and blues as well as the combination of black painted furniture and wood tones.  It is a very elegant bedroom.
Isn't it beautiful?  Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Drink Up

How adorable are these glass mugs from Pigeonhole?! I love each one of them! It's almost the weekend; any big plans?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday Pinsday

 No linkup this week at The Vintage Apple but I will still share my favorite images from Pinterest with our wonderful followers.  It's funny how I can see patterns in my pins during certain weeks.  I seem to be liking color right now--but color done in a very sophisticated way.  Nothing cutesy about these images.  This is full blown summer at it's best!

Bermuda, 1970. Slim Aarons.
Pattern play
pinterest via flickr.com
Ted Baker 25th Anniversary
amazing lighting
pinterest via inspiredbythis
I wish I could say that I will be doing something fantastic today but the truth is, I will be sitting for hours on end for a work training day.  Ugh.  Oh well.  I will be dreaming of an end-of-summer soiree that I would love to host...and on that note...
Happy Wednesday all!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back to Life; Back to Reality

The Cat and I got back from visiting family in Wyoming yesterday.  We had a great time; Alli got to go riding, she got to go to her first rodeo, and we got to visit with family, which was my favorite part.  My cousins Debbi and Darci (they're twins, in case you could not tell from the names) moved to Wyoming with their family when we were all still in high school.  We went from seeing each other several times a year to hardly ever.  It had been about 7 years since I'd seen Debbi, and at least 8 since I had seen Darci.
We took advantage of the three of us finally being together again after all those years- concerts, bars, shopping... Things we missed out on doing together because of distance, time, and life in general just getting in the way.
Tiny, crummy picture, I know, but it is from my tiny, crummy phone, and I think it is better than nothing!
Anyway, when we started off on our trip, Alli and I were walking through the airport, having just bought an extra magazine for the plane, when my purse strap (the only purse I brought!) broke.  I obsessed over this and immediately ran to the CNBC store to see what they had.  I had to buy a giraffe print bag that is way too big as a normal purse but ended up being perfect as an impromptu carry on.  This proved especially useful on the trip back when I had to stuff it full of all the purchases we had made while in Wyoming and Denver.
I was still obsessing over not having a regular purse, so when we landed in Denver we stopped at a T.J. Maxx where I picked up an Emma Fox straw and leather bag on clearance.  I also got a little Calvin Klein wristlet because I knew I wouldn't want to be lugging around a big purse everywhere we went.

The color of the leather on both is much prettier in person, and the little wristlet is so soft, it's like buttah.  (That should have been read in a Mike Myer's  SNL Coffee Talk accent, by the way.)
So now we are back to real life, with only a couple (deep breaths) weeks of vacation left.  For having no plans to go anywhere at the beginning of the summer, we have managed to squeeze a lot in.
Hope you are having a great Tuesday!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Powder Room Wallpaper

I finally got wallpaper for my powder room!  I am not finished yet because I needed to order another roll but It will be completed soon.  I ended up with a paper called Peacock by Allen and Roth available here.  This paper wasn't expensive but looks gorgeous.  I almost bought a paper that is 3 times the price but now I am happy I didn't.  I can't wait to finish and enjoy!
A big thank you to my mom for her wallpaper hanging expertise:)
I hope your week is off to a great start.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

What I'm Wanting: Turquoise

Happy Sunday, all.  We are wrapping up our vacation here in Wyoming with a little bit of country music, riding, and rodeos.  Hanging around real cowboys and cowgirls has made me crave some turquoise jewelry (when I was a kid, that was always my favorite), so I thought I'd share some pieces I wouldn't mind adding to my collection.
by Milk Handmade

This is a very simple take on turquoise, and I love that it is paired with gold since you almost always see this stone set in silver.


With this Fauna Butterfly necklace, you can inexpensively jump into the bug trend that is popular in jewelry right now.

Max and Chloe

I love this necklace. It is so simple, but it is so pretty. And I just realized after making the statement about normally only seeing silver with turquoise, the three things I've posted so far have all been set with gold. I guess that is a more modern, less country take on this stone.
Okay, here is one more necklace.  This is the style that I was wishing I had last night when we went to the rodeo and a country music concert after.
kate spade
It would have gone perfectly with my white button up blouse and blue jeans (that's about as country as I could get while here; I don't have any cowgirl clothes).
I would also LOVE to have this one:
Charm & Chain

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday; tomorrow evening the Cat and I (along with my Mom) will be flying back home to California.  Before we jump on that plane, we will be doing a little shopping in Denver and then hitting up Cracker Barrel one more time.  Hey, a girl's got to have priorities, right?!
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

DIY: Mermaid Party Wreath

 A good friend of mine is giving her daughter a mermaid party and I get to help with some of the decorations.  I absolutely love the theme and colors so this is a lot of fun for me.  I'm was inspired by seashells, pearls and glitter.  I actually had all the elements for this wreath already (except the wood "4" and the bit of pearls) sitting in my craft dresser.
I am excited to work on some of the other party decorations this week.
Today is super busy:  my son's first basketball game and another birthday party to attend--a superhero party.  I will need my superpowers today to get everything done!  
Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Summertime Staple: Sandals

This week's Friday's Fancies topic is on another summertime staple- sandals.
These Anthropologie sandals are, in my humble little opinion, perfect.  You can dress them up, dress them down- they work with so many different outfits!  Personally, I'm loving a good ankle strap, although you do have to be careful with the line of your leg; you don't want it to chop off any length.

Staple: Sandals

Of course, for even longer legs, you should opt for heels. There are a few pair of ankle strap sandals with heels that I am loving too, but this summer our vacations and other activities have caused me to choose the more comfortable shoe; luckily, with picks like these, that means I don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. Big thanks to Alison for hosting another round of Friday's Fancies!

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