Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What I Want: Modcloth

Modcloth is having a sale.  And I love a good sale.

Modcloth Sale

These are my top choices, and I love them. I haven't ordered anything from Modcloth in a while; maybe that should change, hmm? Hope you are having a good week. I, admittedly, am not having the most stellar week. Apparently I am allergic to something, we are thinking the new fabric softener I got, and I keep breaking out in hives and rashes. This morning I woke up to not only the rash on my legs, chest, and neck, but with half of my lower face swollen and drooping. Very scary and very annoying. I spent the morning in urgent care, where they gave me a shot and some medicine. My face is slowly getting better, thank goodness. It'll be one more day off of work for me. (Boo and yea at the same time. I'd actually rather be in my classroom with my kiddos!) So anyway, my week is looking up. I hope yours is fantastic!


  1. such cute picks. especially love that navy dress with the peter pan collar and the blush romper. i'm the same way, i always love modcloth but haven't pulled the trigger on something from there in years. i think it's time i change that!

  2. They have such cute stuff! Too bad I'm on a spending ban right now.



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