Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Blue Elephant Cocktail Table

At a local antique shop, I have often walked by this elephant planter and thought about buying it.  I really didn't need another planter, though.  I wondered if I could turn him into a little table but what would I use for a top?  On my latest trip over to said shop I again walked by Mr. Elephant and had the same buying impulse only to continue on by.  In another part of the shop lay a round piece of marble for $18.  Done.  I brought them both home and put them together, never to be parted.  I thought I would paint Elephant white so that it looked more like one piece with the top but...
My friend Ryan challenged me to go bold.  My first impulse was to paint him hot pink to contrast with my blue accents.  Nothing would start a conversation like a pink elephant cocktail table--but I couldn't find the right shade of pink.  I settled for the same blue as my accent planters and the gates in my backyard ("Homecoming Blue"by Valspar).  He blends in nicely now.
I think a blue elephant table is just what my patio needed:)  Although, I'm thinking he will be many different colors throughout the years.  
Have a wonderful day!


  1. LOVE it!! What a fun new piece :) I think he looks awesome blue.

  2. That marble top sets off the blue perfectly!

  3. That is awesome! I would love a table like that! I love that you went with a bold contrasting shade against the marble, instead of pure white. White would be beautiful too, but this really pops :)



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