Saturday, September 28, 2013

Inspiration: Kitchen Islands

So last weekend Rebecca and Ty came over and worked on my island and my kitchen table.  My homework was to figure out what trim I like for the island, which is getting an update.  I trust Rebecca completely with these decisions, so I trust when she asks me to find what I like.

image via Cavanaugh Design Group
Are you seeing a pattern with all of these islands?!  I will be happy with whatever Rebecca and Ty do, but there does seem to be a definite trend in what I am liking- simple (now, I don't know how "simple" it will actually be to recreate!), classic, and gorgeous.

image via 
This last one is not because of the detail on the island; I just love this space.  It is gorgeous.  I am love, love, loving the black island.  I love it.  I can't stress that enough.  I think it looks gorgeous!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

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