Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Fall Pillow Covers & DIY Preview

 I have this amazing mom who has always helped me with sewing projects.  When I say help, I really mean that she does them for me.  Well, finally I am learning to sew!  She stepped me through the process, but I did a lot of these pillows myself and learned so much.

I thought I would do something very different for pillows this fall.  I chose this black antique velvet, buy here ,and a subtle multi-color paisley buy here.  I plan to make more pillows in the black velvet for my wing chairs.  Usually I do a mix of fabrics so that every pillow cover is different but coordinated, a la Sarah Richardson, but this time I thought I would do them mostly the same.  I think the black is enough of a design statement in my light living room.
 I'm really happy with the result!

 Okay.  A neighbor gave us this antique armoire for free--wasn't that nice--and I have big  plans for it.
I'm thinking that we will fit the inside to be an entertaining station: appetizer plates and forks, wine glasses, napkins, table clothes etc.  I think we will also retrofit wine storage in here.  Anyway, I think the exterior will be a soft grey and the interior, well, I'm thinking something a bit surprising and dramatic.
I'll keep you posted!  This should be fun.


  1. these pillows are gorgeous!! i love the little details!

  2. Cute new fall pillows!


  3. So crafty! Love the pillows. And I can't wait to see what you do with the armoire! :)


    1. Fall totally causes me to get my craft on! Thanks Ashley:)


  4. Hi dear, thanks for your great comment! The pillows are so pretty, love the printed one. The black velvet is a luxurious fabric, looks great.

  5. You have a great mom and neighbor! I love the trimming on the pillows. There are so many fun possibilities for the armoire as well!
    Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living



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