Saturday, September 7, 2013

Designer Spotlight: Schuyler Samperton

Last night I decided to make a recipe that I read about online.  It called for homemade pesto.  I have the biggest basil plant growing in my front yard right now.  It's huge, people.  So I decided to make said recipe.  I went out and picked the best leaves off of the plant.  I cleaned them.  I measured them out, put them into the food processor, and added the garlic, olive oil, and pine nuts.  I went to process the mixture, only to find that I had not put in the blades just yet.  I went to grab the blade from the cupboard where I keep the food processor.  It wasn't there.  I looked in the drawer where it sometimes ends up.  Not there either.  Cut to about two hours later, I have looked through every cupboard, every drawer, behind, on top of, all over the damn place.  Twice.  Three times.  More.  NOTHING.  I text Rebecca to see if maybe I left the blade at her house, because, you know, one always leaves food processor blades at their friend's house.  I mean, don't you just hate when you go off and leave your food processor blade just lying around other people's homes?
Finally, I gave up.  I drove to my mom's house and borrowed her food processor.  I was going to make this dinner, dammit!  I drove back home, finished the pesto, put together the rest of the meal, and called the Cat into eat.  She took one bite and spit it right back out.  Into her bowl, people.  What should have been a super easy, relatively fuss free meal turned into a meal from hell.
Actually, I liked it.  I will probably never make it again, just because of the damn nightmare associated with it, but the roasted tomatoes that get mixed in with it were very tasty.
Today I thought I would share with you some beautiful spaces designed by Schuyler Samperton, an interior designer who puts together gorgeous spaces all over Los Angeles.

all images via Samperton.com

See?  What did I tell you?  Gorgeousness.  I love her use of both vibrant and muted colors coupled with rich patterns and lots of texture.  You can see more on the website and her blog.

In the meantime, I hope you are having a fantastic Saturday!

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