Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday After A DIY Weekend

 All weekend I have been painting.  I never thought I'd say this, but I need a break from it.  I went back and forth between painting fence boards for my fabulous new back gate, to spray painting mason jars!  I'm not complaining; I loved every minute of it--except when the wind picked up yesterday afternoon:)  Like I said, I finally have a back gate now that separates our backyard with our back property.  The neighbors might have raised an eyebrow over my color choice, but none of them are too close that they would have to see it too near their own yards.  I, of course, think it is awesome because it is so very brown around here and people are so afraid of bold color where I live.  I find it refreshing.

The next little DIY I completed has to do with my daughter's 5th birthday in June.  We are giving her a pony party.  I want it to feel country but not westerny so I chose a color scheme of lavender, yellow and jade green.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find those colors together??!  It is proving to be a challenge to do anything girly without pink in it somewhere.  I am starting early so that means I can make most things myself (and with the help of my amazing mom).  These mason jars are the first things I have done so far.  I just spray-painted them using Krylon's Pistachio spray paint.  I sprayed the outsides because they will have water inside with flowers for the party.  I intend to hang some from the trees in the back yard too.  
 Anyway, I think they turned out fantastic.  I plan to use a few chalkboard labels on some and write "5" on them to personalize them even more for the party.  Later I can give them as gifts.  I know I will  use them at other times myself as well.  They are just so pretty!
Happy Monday everyone!  I will be recuperating with my girlfriends tonight at BJ's after I go get my hair trimmed.  A hard working girl still needs to look her best!


  1. I LOVE THE FENCE! So unique, your neighbors will learn to love it! And the jars are too cute, I can't wait to see all of the details from the birthday party. Smart thinking to get such a good head start!

    xo Olivia
    go for the glam

    1. Thank you! I find that planing a party early makes it a lot more enjoyable for me and it always turns out better in the end:)




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