Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fun Friday: Playing with Patterns

Playing with Patterns

RED Valentino striped shirt / Navy polka dot shirt, $39 / French Connection shorts / J.Crew j crew / J.Crew j crew / Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet jewelry / Fresh lip treatment 

I love mixing patterns, and I love adding in pops of color to neutral outfits. I think for this particular look the fact that you are sticking to the same color palette allows you to go crazy with the patterns. This outfit is actually one I have already bought and have waiting in my closet. Well, I should clarify and say I have bought similar items; mine aren't exactly the same. And I do not have those amazing Sperry Top-Sider for J.Crew shoes, but I definitely have my eye on them for the summer! What a fun way to kick around. Hope you're all having a fantastically wonderful Friday! We are in San Francisco, so we really can't complain.


  1. Loving the pattern play... and those shoes!

  2. So cute, just recently got into pattern mixing. Love the pop of pink!

    Happy Easter ladies!

    Nora~ PenchantforPretty

    1. Happy Easter to you too, Nora! I love those shoes too... especially because I have really been wanting some Sperry Top Siders!



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