Saturday, April 13, 2013

Book Swap Linkup!

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Books are the reason Lori and I met.  Books are one of the reasons we started this blog.  We can't think of anything we like better {aside from a new pair of shoes or selecting wall colors} than a great book.  Reading just makes our lives richer.

Cabinet bookcase!

 We are excited to announce that we are co-hosting a book-swap event with Martha, from Quick Cheap and Pretty blog.  We really hope that all of you will like this idea and join in on the fun!
Here are a few details via Martha below {also visit here}

--The swap is open to all U.S. residents, whether or not you have a blog of your own. Since this is our first time hosting a swap we're sticking to a domestic swap to keep things simple, but hopefully in the future (once we've got the hang of things!) we'll be able to do something similar on an international level.

--You must follow your co-hosts (Desert Girls Vintage and Quick Cheap & Pretty) via GFC or Bloglovin' to participate.

--Sign-ups open up April 13th and you'll have until the 23rd to add your name and e-mail to the linky widget down below! Please make sure you use an e-mail address you check frequently, since this is how you'll receive your swap partner info. Matches will be e-mailed out on the 24th. 

--By signing up you're committing to ship out your swap package by May 1st. That gives you about a week to contact your swap partner, trade shipping info, buy a book, and hit the post office. Please send out your swap package on time; it's no fun waiting and waiting for a package to arrive!

--Choose a book that you enjoyed recently and think someone else would enjoy reading also. (I would recommend grabbing a paperback to save a little $$ on shipping.) A used copy is okay if it's in like-new condition; please don't send your swap partner a book that's dog-eared, stained or otherwise broken down. It's just not polite!

Okay, I think that's it! Sign up using the linky below!

 Desert Girls Vintage


  1. I hope lots of people sign up :D the more the merrier!!

    1. We really hope so too!
      Thank you for doing this:)
      Rebecca and Lori

  2. I hope you guys do this again! I am really bummed I missed out! :)



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