Tuesday, April 2, 2013

If You're Going to San Francisco...

Hello, all.  How was your weekend?  How was your Monday?
My weekend was pretty fantastic.  My Monday was okay.
First, let's get down to business.  Last Monday I joined 5 for Five from the blog Party of One  and Fantastically Average to set my goals for the week.  The deal- you set 5 goals for the upcoming week, blog about them, and then use the knowledge that people are watching to make yourself follow through with your goals.

Here's a recap of mine from last Monday:

1.  Clean/organize my closet. --Ha.  Yeah right.
2.  Drop off donations to the Salvation Army.  -- Done and done.
3.  Call the trash company to get the broken dishwasher picked up and out of my garage.   --Called a couple of times, trying to get through, but no one ever seems to be working at that place.
4.  Mail my sister-in-law's (very) late birthday present.  --Okay, not done.  Almost though.  I met my brother in San Francisco to give him the gift to take back, but he couldn't get it in his luggage, so I will have to send it after all.
5.  Establish a schedule for learning Italian.  --Tuesdays and Thursdays, baby.  Done.

New set of goals for this week:
1. Hang up my new curtains in my family room.
2. Get a hold of the damn trash company.
3. Mail Becky's present already.
4. Go to karate 3 days this week to get back on schedule.
5. Get my students' book reports graded this week.

Okay, done.  We'll see how that goes.

Like I was saying before, we went to San Francisco over the weekend.  It was a little bit of a last minute trip, and we had a great time.  I feel like this trip we ate our way through the city.  We stayed at a decent hotel.
This hotel site was designated a landmark, with the hotel itself being designated a San Francisco landmark.  WWII soldiers being deployed would meet their sweethearts at the top of the hotel, known as the Top of the Mark (via).  The location in Nob Hill was pretty close to Union Square, so we were in walking distance to shopping and the theater.
My little Miss heading down to Union Square so we could catch the BART to the mission district to do some eating and shopping.

Okay, so our first stop was Craftsman & Wolves for these muffins, known as The Rebel Within.   They are delicious and have a soft boiled egg cooked inside the muffin.  Delicious, I tell you.

 Shoot.  I'm hungry now.
The Cat ordered the valrhona drinking chocolate with violet marshmallows.  How was it?  Let me answer by telling you that this is now the Cat's favorite restaurant.  She wanted to eat there again the next day.
In addition to having delicious, savory breakfast foods and sandwiches and things, they also have quite an array of desserts and pastries.  It was hard to choose just one thing, but we did- the caramel chocolate pearl travel cake.  Hello, lovely.

I love San Francisco, but let me tell you- if I lived there, I would be broke and overweight.  I would spend ALL of my money on food.

That's all for me today; I will share more pics of our trip on Thursday.  After I've done my Italian lesson, of course.


  1. I live for checking items off lists. Is that nerdy?

    1. Not at all, Johanna! There's something satisfying about checking things off a list!

  2. good luck this week... karate sounds fun!

    1. Thanks, Jen, and thanks for stopping by! 2 days down for karate... just one more to go!



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