Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Portable Dorothy Parker

If you like sarcasm and wit and clever (well-known) one liners, then you've got to get  the book The Portable Dorothy Parker.  You can carry it around and spew one liners all day.
available here
Or you could get this truly portable Dorothy Parker, and let it do the talking for you.
kate spade
It also comes in a little change purse, which I think is maybe a little more fun, since it's a little more subtle.  And bonus- both bags are on sale. There are a plethora of other bags, clothes, and accessories that are featured in the surprise sale through the 13th at 11:59, so hurry on over before all the goods are gone!


  1. Absolutely adore this–and a good kick of Dorothy Parker!

  2. love the idea of that bag in a change purse. i checked out the sale and had to stop myself from buying everything!
    -- jackie - jade and oak



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