Monday, October 20, 2014

Lavender for Fall

I am a fan of lavender at any time of year but during fall, I think it can be so perfect.  It isn't as expected as all the warm toasty colors but I feel it is softer and still cozy looking.  A lavender coat is on the top of my list and I've wanted a lavender sofa for a long time.

Lavender for Fall

Lavender for Fall by rebecca-iverson featuring a velvet couch
Well, I had a great weekend with my family and today I have lots of chores to do and errands to run.  My daughter wants a wolf costume for Halloween, so I'll be working on that with my mom today.  
I hope your day is great!


  1. LOVE! I'm for sure having a lavender moment myself. I just painted my office pretty much the color of the nail polish...I was afraid it would get old fast or be sort of dreary (since I have very little natural light) but it is so soothing and pretty. It makes my day every day! BTW, nail polish color is...?

    1. The nail color is by Essie "Bangle Jangle." Your office color sounds gorgeous!




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