Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thanksgiving Through Christmas Decorating

(Start with the mantle decor and add the pretty basket with gifts later)
While life is pretty busy for all of us this time of year and we all want shortcuts, we don't want it to look as though we have taken shortcuts.  Since Thanksgiving and Christmas are so close, why not start decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving?  Now, I think there are a few tricks to this so that it looks appropriate:  Lot's of greens and candles to begin with (perhaps with a few pumpkins) and after Thanksgiving you can add all the tree decorations and pretty sparkly elements or just keep it simple and natural.  Also, pine cones are the perfect accent for fall to winter decorating.  Here are a few images that inspire me to get started but help my efforts last long after the turkey and stuffing are devoured.  
/\ /\ . Tricia Foley
I love this image and it is appropriate for Thanksgiving all the way through the New Year.  Maybe accent with sparkly lights in the garland or leave it simple.
How to Hang Garland
Christmas Candles
Candles are always festive.  Just add mini white pumpkins for Thanksgiving.
Mossy stars
These moss stars are lovely and could work for Thanksgiving through the New Year as well.
Christmas table setting | Christmas Table Decorations - Ideas Decor
This table is just perfect for any winter celebration.
Again, beautiful greens and candles.
Gorgeous holiday decor
Start with pumpkins and then add the trees after Thanksgiving.  It just doesn't get any easier or more beautiful.
Sagolika sinnen= befuddled minds in Swedish.. oh well.. the table is awesome but the wreath w candles above it is timeless!!
For me, this is the perfect, everyday dining environment during the holidays.  It could easily be dressed up for a special gathering.
A mini wreath dresses up a wine bottle to give as a hostess gift.
Here is the perfect Thanksgiving or Christmas hostess gift.  Why didn't I think of this?

Fresh greens or really good imitation garlands are the key to pulling off these looks.  They are inviting and simple and beautiful.  
Happy Decorating!



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