Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Britton's Basketball Birthday Party

Now that my son is getting older, the huge and elaborate birthday parties I used to plan don't seem as appropriate.  He knew what he wanted this year, and arranged for his Grandma to help him plan it.  Really, he loves parties and planned his own.  We kept it small, only around 12 kids because he and Grandma were making each child their own jersey.  It really was an easy, simple party and he was thrilled.

Britton wanted to split his guests into two groups:  Lakers and Celtics.  Britton loves the Celtics (like his father) so he wanted to play a game at the party with Celtics vs. Lakers.

 I really don't understand the love of hot cheetos, but hot cheetos he wanted and got.  Yuck!  Oh well, at least they were the right shade of orange.

 Grandmas also made the pinata!  That is right...she made it out of a blown up balloon that she then covered in layers of paper mache, then decorated with tissue paper.  She is amazing!

Grandma made the cake too!  I cannot believe how awesome this is.  Britton's favorite player of all time is Larry Bird, so Grandma designed the jersey (made from marshmallow fondant) and the basketball (made from rice crispy treats) to look as though they are lying on a wooden floor, that is a sheet cake.  I wish I had a picture of the inside of the cake, it is Celtic's green!  Tasted great too.

Happy 7th birthday to my big boy, Britton!  Thank you so much mom (Grandma) for making this a special day.

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