Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to Ruin a Perfectly Good Weekend.

Close up of skirt.  See those little explorers?
 They are mocking me.  Little bastards.

I wake up, ready to start the day, coffee in hand, in a good mood.  Lots to get done, but I figure I will pop onto  the computer for a little bit.  Haven't checked my old email account in a while; let's go see what's up over there.  What is this?  Missed payment from ebay?  I didn't win any bids on ebay lately.  Open it up, and it says the transaction for the  Anna Sui for Anthropologie MAP OF THE WORLD SKIRT is over.  I have missed the opportunity to purchase it; transaction closed, mark on my record, goodbye.  WHAT?! First, I never officially bid on that skirt; I sent a payment suggestion to the seller, and according to the app on my phone, never heard back whether it was considered or not.  Then, again on my phone, when I checked ebay, it said the auction had ended and I had NOT won.  I was sad.  That was a missed opportunity for a skirt that I really wanted needed.  And now this?!  That skirt was once again in my cart and then taken from me.  Just like the real Anthropologie sale when the damn skirt was mine one second and then gone the next.  Universe, why are  you teasing me with this particular skirt?  What did I do to deserve this?  Sadness has pervaded my morning.  My coffee now reeks of it.  Thanks, ebay app for Android, for helping to keep my wardrobe from reaching its full potential.

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