Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DIY flower art

My crafty friend and photographer Johanna did a fun little diy project that I thought I'd share.  She got the idea from pinterest (that site has SO many great ideas- I love it!!) and said it was "fun and pretty easy."
paper roll art
image via Just a Girl
The steps are pretty easy- you simply cut toilet paper or paper towel rolls into strips, glue them together, and   affix them to your canvas in whatever design you are happy with.  Hot glue works to attach the pieces.  Find full, step by step directions on Just a Girl.
I think the picture pretty much explain the whole thing, other than when you are done gluing the pieces on and have made your desired picture, you spray paint the whole thing.  Obviously, this is painted white, which gives it a really pretty, cohesive, modern look, but you could paint it whatever color floats your boat.  A tip from Johanna:  "I recommend once applying the roll to the canvas clean the excess glue with your finger or Qtip. The spray paint shows any extra glue."
And there you have it.  A super easy, fun project that can be done in a morning.  This is a great way to upcycle and to create some inexpensive art for your walls. 

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