Saturday, January 21, 2012

(Some of) the Things I Need for Spring

The weather here has been really weird lately:  Monday it was freezing with gale force winds; Tuesday was cold and windy,but not as bad as Monday; Wednesday morning it was freezing.  Friday was a little windy, but it was a warm wind.  Warm wind is better than bitter cold wind, but that doesn't stop me from hating it.  It's annoying, blowing sand in your face, messing up your hair, making it difficult to wear dresses for fear of having the skirt blow up unexpectedly.  You would think after living in this valley for my whole life I'd be use to it.  Well, I'm not.  Actually, I am.  I'm just full of contradictions today.  I'm used to it, but it doesn't stop me from hating it.  And before you start hating me for talking excessively about wind, let me explain the reason I started complaining about it in the first place: it is making me really look forward to spring.  (Yep- that's it.  You should hear me teach.)  In the spring, it is still windy, but it is a warm wind that blows on a warm day.  None of this waking up to freezing temperatures crap and needing your wool coat one minute and a short sleeve shirt the next.  Now, don't get me wrong, I actually am not ready (not just yet) for spring to be here, because I am still enjoying wearing my winter clothes.  I love my boots and leggings and layers, layers, layers.  And I just bought a really cool pair of vintage wool Navy sailor pants.  What color you ask? They are navy blue, of course.  And they are awesome.  I got them at the Antique Asylum, which is the store that Rebecca talked about in her post with the yellow beads.  I know I should know how to do this myself, but the pants are too short and the hem needs to be let out.  I'm not good with a needle and thread, people; I safety pin buttons back on when they fall off.  Which is better than my friend Heather, who said she hot glues them on when they fall off of shirts and subsequently has to put said shirts on as slip-over blouses from that point on.  Anyway.  Wool sailor pants that are currently residing on the floor of my closet (that's another thing, besides sewing that I just can't seem to get the hang of- putting things away) that are begging to be worn at least once this winter are really the main reason I am not ready for spring to come just yet.
But.  When it does get here, I will be ready for it, with the help of these wants that are currently on my list of "Things I Need for Spring" (it is in italics because this is an important list, and important things should be italicized).  Ooh, and I'll be ready for spring thanks to this really cute vintage jumpsuit (navy blue, go figure) that I got the other day.  It also needs to be altered, because safety pins, even strategically place safety pins, just won't cut it on this one.
Libby Edelman "Liv" leather ballet flats
(available here)
I love the neutral taupe and pop of orange,
and that chain detail-- love!
I actually love them more in canvas,
but they aren't available yet.

Vintage Inspired Purse
from Loveculture

also available in brown!

Pleat Midi Shirtdress, Topshop

This would be perfect to add an extra pop of color
AND keep your hair out of your face on those
windy spring days.  Available at Topshop.
And the main color is orange.  I LOVE orange for clothes.

Harmony Wedge from Modcloth
This shoe combines the lace and clear shoe trend.
(Is there a prettier way to say "clear shoe trend"?)

Black Gingham top.  Wish is were in blue, and
then it would be perfect and on its way to my house.
Available from Modcloth.


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