Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm on a mission.

image from Just Jared Jr

I was watching the premiere of the new ABC family show, Jane By Design (I know, but cut me some slack- I was still on winter vacation), which is about a high school girl getting a job at a fashion house.  The clothes have to be pretty fabulous so they can match the premise of the show.  So while the website is touting the looks of the titular character, the outfit that I liked the best was worn by the HR assistant, Birdie.  The look she wore in her first scene was high-waisted pants (I am all about high-waisted pants!) and a fitted white top with what looked like a zipper detail on the shoulder.  I loved it, and now I am on the hunt for this style high-waisted pants, even if I have to get them at American Apparel.  I haven't heard back from the stylists who work for the network yet (maybe because I'm not a 12 year old girl looking to find the latest lip gloss?  I don't know.  They shouldn't care if I am a grown up.  That's ageist, dammit! ).  All I know is that I like this look and I want to do a copycat version.  That's my new mission.  (I like to aim high.)

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