Sunday, May 26, 2013

Running Errands

Yesterday, I had big plans to get some errands completed.  Instead, I slept in a little and the Cat and I went to lunch with my sister.  I have been craving Tokyo Steak House for months, but haven't had the time to go there.  I guess I could have gone for dinner, but I like going there for lunch.  What can I say?  I'm cheap.  You get the same amount of food at lunch that you do at dinner and it is way less than half the price.  So we went.  The Cat and I split a plate and even with that we had enough leftovers for us to both finish the rest for dinner.
So anyway, after that, we kind of ran out of steam.  I stayed up way too late Friday night watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix (I have talked before about how my brain has turned to mush- it is because I watch shows like this).  Needless to say, no errands were accomplished.  So today we will get some things done, including a run to the mall and then an afternoon meandering the local antique stores.  Below is a perfect outfit, in my humble opinion, for doing just that.

Let's Go

Zenggi cotton cardigan, $130 / Mango v neck shirt / Club Monaco / Seychelles flat / ASOS flat shoes / Kelly & Katie straw handbag / Metal jewelry / Kate Spade eyewear
Okay, can we talk, just for a minute, about those shoes?! First let me just say that I would normally not put black with blue in that way (though I am not opposed to doing that!), but I adore those little poodle silhouettes on those loafers. I think they would add interest to the outfit and make it fun for the weekend. Wish me luck that I find some treasures today! I'd also like to take a minute to honor those brave men and women who have given their lives in the name of freedom. How lucky we are to have people willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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  1. Great picks! Love the shorts and the sandals...

  2. The poodles!!! I'm flashing back to Gilmore Girls - "OY with the poodles already!"

    I'm also a huge fan of those shorts - I kind of gravitate toward any pairing of navy and white :)

  3. I LOVE those shorts! The scallped hem is so cute!

  4. Love the scalloped shorts!


  5. Love these chic styling....the scalloped shorts are sooooo cute!!!!




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