Saturday, October 5, 2013

Payless: Surprising Comfort & Style

I had been seeing commercials for Payless and their new comfort line, dexflex comfort, and thought I would look them up on their website.  I was surprised to see such positive reviews!  Not only were people raving about the amazing comfort but loved how they looked as well.  I ran over to my local Payless (and I have to admit I haven't darkened their doorway for years) and tried a few styles.  I couldn't believe how amazing these shoes were for the price!  And, can I just say, these are stand- on- your- feet and walk- all- day comfortable.  They range from around $20 to $40 so I bought a pair of gray suede wedges.  I definitely plan to buy more.

Payless: New Comfort & Style


  1. I love Payless! They have great pumps and ankle booties for a really great price.

  2. I walked all day in mine yesterday, and let me just say--I had happy feet at the end. I am impressed.




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