Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Epitome of Chic

I first saw this picture of actress Ziyi Zhang in the October issue of In Style magazine and fell in love with the outfit.  I adore it.  I love the crisp white blouse paired with those black and white plaid pants.  Would we classify them as knickers?  Whatever you call them, I say, please, sir, I want some more.
image via
I hate that when I was trying to search for this outfit online and I had typed in "Chanel" with various other search words that Miley Cyrus came up time after time simply because she was carrying a Chanel bag.    Now, I know as well as the next girl that certain pieces can class up any outfit, but cut off jean shorts with your (forgive me) ass hanging out?  Not so much.  It makes me think that poor old Coco must be spinning in her grave right about now.  I know that in recent years Chanel has become more edgy, but I still like to think of it as a classicly chic brand, and I don't think good ol' Miley is really about the classic or the chic.

Anyway.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Such a great look! I am really needing some capris for this fall!

  2. Can we get an AMEN! Ziyi looks so chic, ladylike and classy. Miley--NO. Just go home. Gawd.



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