Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ribbon Shadow Box

I rode horses and competed in equestrian events when I was in high school.  My 4 year old daughter seems to be just as horse crazy as me.  I look forward to seeing her ride in competitions someday.  I knew I had a ton of old ribbons somewhere but couldn't find them but then my mom stumbled across them when she was cleaning out a closet a few months back.  I decided to put them in a shadowbox and display them as art on my office gallery wall.  I think they turned out pretty nice!  I have quite a few left over that I intend to use as decorations for my daughter's upcoming pony themed birthday party.

framed equestrian ribbon collection
I came across this image on pinterest yesterday and was struck by how similar it is to mine!

Happy Trails!

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  1. Such a great idea!! Love how you used something that is so special to you in your office! How awesome your daughter also shares the same love of horses! New follower :) Have a great day! Meggan

    Vintage Modern Mom

  2. Thank you and it's nice to have you aboard, Meggan!


  3. Beautiful personalized DIY! I have many ribbons sitting around from when my golden retrievers used to compete in agility competitions. Thanks for the inspiration on a classy way to display them :)


  4. Such a pretty and meaningful idea!




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