Friday, May 31, 2013

Vases for Summer Flowers

vases for summer flowers

Dipped Blue Vases / IKEA Sockerärt / Waterscape Vases | west elm / Sloane Ceramic Vases | Pottery Barn / Evleen Mercury Glass Vase | Pottery Barn / Evleen Mercury Glass Vase | Pottery Barn

There are some really lovely vases on the market right now in case you are in need of another reason to buy yourself a bouquet of gorgeous flowers!  In the summer I love glass vases in varying shapes but I'm also loving the blue and white options.  Sea glass is another of my favorite looks for bright or muted flowers arranged in a very casual way.  None of these options are very expensive and you will use them all the time.


  1. Love them all! We stuffed sunflowers into a big glass iced tea pitcher this week that looks darling–but a vase big enough to hold them would be a smart investment!

    1. That's a great idea! There is nothing more summery than sunflowers and iced tea:) Vases are always a good investment; especially large ones.




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