Friday, May 17, 2013

Designer Profile: Thomas Britt

If you have picked up a design magazine in the last 30 years then you have seen a Thomas Britt room.  He is a design giant with a distinctive European aesthetic, though he hailed from Kansas City background here.  The spaces he designs are luxurious and lush and magical.  Mr. Britt is an artist of the first magnitude. See if you don't agree!

via housecrush
This screaming yellow doesn't look too intense because of all the windows and framed artwork.  It simply high-lights the architecture.  
via edytaandco
This one is my favorite.  It is truly a dream room and I believe that spending time in this room at night with candle-light would be unforgettable.

via chinoiseriechic
This room is so interesting.  The parallel dining tables are totally unexpected but it all works. 
The framed artwork adds even more interest to the painted faux bois paneling.  
I wish this was a clearer image but I had to include it because I am a sucker for light spaces with high contrast accents.  
Today I get to have a picnic with my son at his school!  He has requested I bring Subway.  I hope your Friday includes something special too.

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