Monday, December 9, 2013

Creative Holiday Wreath Display

r_iver32 via instagram
Don't you just love instagram?!  It is so much fun to follow favorite blogger friends and designers and see their everyday inspirations.  One such designer I follow is Sarah Richardson.  Recently, she asked her instagram followers to snap a shot of how they style a wreath and hash tag it #showsharesarah.  Above is my offering:  A simple pinecone wreath in the center of my mantel mirror.  She is going to choose her favorite pics to share on her website sarahrichardsondesign.com.  There are quite a few lovely pictures that her followers have submitted and I have been enjoying browsing.  I hope mine makes that cut...how fun that would be!
I decided that I would do a little post on fresh ideas for holiday wreaths today, since wreaths have been on my mind of late.

wreath + champagne set up
Evelyn and Rose: Christmas House Tour -
Great Christmas vignette, especially the Staffordshire spaniel with wreath collar.
Christmas Decor // Elements of Style // Erin Gates
via That Inspirational Girl
A jingle-bell wreath and mercury-glass tree dress up this marble mantel.
white and black and evergreen
Gorgeous Christmas Table via Camille Styles
Cute holiday wreath
Some interesting ideas, right?  There are so many creative people out there.  
Any ideas you are loving right now for wreaths?


  1. I've been loving the pine one wreaths! And the wreaths tied with a pretty bow :)

  2. Give me a pretty wreath and a bottle of bubbly and I'm ready to celebrate!



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