Thursday, December 12, 2013

Currently Craving: Tartan Scarf

It has been cold here in the desert lately.  I have been more interested in dressing warmly than *gasp* dressing fashionably.  I know that both can be done at the same time, but my problem is that I don't really have any good winter shoes that are also comfortable and that go with everything.
Anyway.  This cold weather has caused me to want to invest in a really good, warm scarf.  And I want it to be a beautiful green tartan.  I'm on the lookout for one- any suggestions?
Plaid Scarf

This set includes a couple of different price points, with the two scarves on the left coming in at $58 and the one on the right a steal at $325. It's almost the weekend! Any plans? Lori


  1. I love this print! Especially on scarves!




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