Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Currently Craving: Lisa Golightly

Want to know something I learned this weekend?  9 years is a long time.  I have been out of the waitressing/catering game for about 9 years now, give or take, and after jumping back into it this past weekend, I can tell you that a lot happens to your body in 9 years.  I can definitely say that I am not as young and able to bounce back as I used to be.  Oh, I get tired from teaching- some days it is downright exhausting- and I am more susceptible to colds and flus thanks to my little darlings, but let me tell you- I earned every penny I got working as a server this weekend! I got sick from being out in the cold Saturday night, and I am still tired from working those parties!
Do I sound like I'm complaining?  I'm honestly not trying to- I just somehow managed to forget what a physical job waitressing/catering can be!
Anyway, today I thought I'd introduce you to the artistic stylings of one Lisa Golightly.  Perhaps you've already heard of her.  I thought I'd share some of her work with you because I adore quite a lot of her pieces and wouldn't mind adding to my ever-growing number of gallery walls.
This piece is customizable- how fun would it be
to add to a little girl's room or bathroom?!
Bonne Fete Banner, $45
Squareup.com to purchase

available at squareup.com
I've long seen this image on pinterest and various tumblr pages, but never knew that it was a little piece of whimsy that you could actually purchase!  How fun would this be to add to a room, perhaps above a bar cart or tray?!
lisagolightly, "Press for Champagne"
There's more to see, both on lisagolightly.com and on the Square Market.
I hope you are having a wonderful start to your week!  Can you believe there are only 14 shopping days left before Christmas?  Yikes!

Oh, and happy birthday to my wonderful mom, Maggie!  Love you lots!

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  1. Sounds like quite a weekend–you deserve one of these gorgeous pieces!



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