Friday, March 7, 2014

Favorite Thing: Hedges

This weekend my husband and I are putting in a hedge around our front yard.  I always like the look of a hedge better than a fence.  Hedges remind me of Alice in Wonderland and who doesn't love that! We are planting wax-leaf privet which grow together nicely, stay green all year, and bloom in the spring.  I can't wait!
sculptured hedge garden by Wirtz International - AD via Atticmag
Hedge at street

kinda cool. but would it scare me at night after a glass (or 3) of wine?
I like this "Groomed for Success" garden area as the boxwoods keep the garden looking good year around.

Hedge, Design, Formal, Knot Garden
Garden Design
Harold Leidner Landscape Architects
Carrollton, TX
Boxwood garden, gravel, wisteria, dentil architectural details, dormers
Mary McDonald design via pinterest.com
My property will never look as amazing as the above images but it's nice to be inspired before tackling a project.  What are you up to this weekend?


  1. These are some cool inspo pics! I'd love to have a tall hedge for privacy. My parents have one and it's a pain in the butt to trim and maintain, but they have total privacy all around their front yard and on the deck. Plus, tons of birds nest in the hedge, so there's always birdsong in the summer :)

  2. so much inspiration in this post! i love how colorful and geometric hedges are and totally agree...anything reminiscent of alice & wonderland is ok in my book. have a great weekend ladies!



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