Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Frozen Birthday Party

When  my good friend Christine asked what theme she should use for her soon to be 9 year old's birthday party it was a no-brainer..."Frozen!"  Of course every child in attendance would love it and the birthday girl, Francesca, was ecstatic.  We both got down to work.  All I did was lend her some of my white Christmas decorations: fake snow, mercury glass candle stands, apothecary jars, snowflake and icicle ornaments, wreath and my daughter's small Frozen dolls.  It really was easy to pull together.  Christine did a lot more work than I did and I got to have the fun of putting things together a few days before the party.
How sweet is the front door?!  I lent her my icy looking wreath and she embellished it with dye-cut snow flakes.  
Christine had just purchased a few Ikea lamb rugs and I was thrilled because they worked perfectly with the theme.  I made a few floral "snow balls" before the party out of white carnations and mums then I brushed on a bit of silver glitter glue at the tips of the petals.   

 I have made these mini apothecary jar scenes in parties past and I always think they are cute.
Christine did an amazing job with the baking!  All the treats were lovely and yummy.

I can't tell you how wonderful the food was!  You can't see much of it in this picture but let me assure you, this was no pizza and soda birthday.  There was even wine...(I love that about these friends;)

 The beautiful birthday cake.  This birthday girl doesn't go in for rich desserts so this light-as-a-feather confection fit the bill.
Christine wanted to have a candy bar for the kids and it was a huge hit!  
 There were all sorts of beautiful candies (my favorite visually were the rock candy suckers).  So perfect.

Christine made this lovely banner using dye-cuts and I had her print out photos of Francesca in the snow at different times that I added to a pretty garland.  I love this so much.
 Now this is amazing:  Christine found out which Frozen character each child liked best and ordered them t-shirts from the Disney store with their names on them!  Now the sad part...the order didn't arrive on time:(  That's okay, they will look forward to getting them.  Here are the awesome boxes they will eventually be going home in.  I think this is about the best party favor I have ever heard of.
 A few of the guests!  Can you spot my kiddos? (hint: they are bookends here)  My daughter didn't know all the guests and is going through a shy phase so that is why she looks a little sad.  Poor darlin'.

 The stairway was the perfect place to create a backdrop for the birthday girl to sit in front of to open gifts.
I'm so happy that Christine and I have the same taste and she didn't get her daughter the Frozen costume;  I like this so much better!  I think it's nice when little girls don't feel like they need to be the character but their own version.  I think it looks far classier too.  This dress is from American Girls available here.  Christine added the little cape in the back.
Happy birthday sweet Francesca!


  1. Wonderful job on the party! My 3 year old daughter wants a Frozen party in August. I'll have to use this for inspiration.



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