Tuesday, March 18, 2014


We've had a couple of earthquakes here in southern California in the past couple of days.  The one yesterday woke me by way of a crash and the sound of glass breaking in the front of the house.  The Cat was asleep in her bed, and I hadn't registered that there'd been an earthquake or even felt the initial aftershock; I was up and out of bed with my little can of mace to go inspect what had caused the noise in the front of the house.  Upon opening the door to the guest bathroom, I saw the culprit; one of the butterfly prints, in its mirrored and tortoise shell frame, had fallen off the wall and was broken and shattered on the floor.
I lamented its loss for a moment before shutting the door and returning to bed; this was, after all, my first real day of spring break, it wasn't yet 6 in the morning, and I intended to sleep in, dammit, despite an earthquake and shattered glass.
I also decided that rather than worry too much over the loss of a framed picture, I might as well take it as a sign from God that it is time I redo my front bathroom.  It is boring and has not been updated since I moved in.
Here are a couple inspiration pics that I've seen floating around the web lately.  They are kind of polar opposites, as one showcases a bathroom that is light, white, and airy, and the other features dark walls and accents of gold.  Also, I guess, the second pic isn't actually a bathroom.  It's part of a room leading into a bathroom.  But I am using that pic as inspiration for my guest bathroom, so, you know, polar opposites and all.
image via The Every Girl

I am loving the idea of the shelf and those towels are simple and gorgeous.
image via The Every Girl
I love the tiny table and dark walls in Danielle Moss' Chicago apartment, above.  I have a little corner in my guest bathroom currently occupied by a tiered plant stand, sans plants.  Honestly, it's there not because I love it, but because it was a remnant from my first rental.  My tastes have changed since then.  I like to think they've gotten better, but really, if I'm honest with myself, it's just that I have Rebecca whispering in my ear what is good and what isn't.
Also, I'm loving the idea of new flooring in the bathroom (right now it is a reddish brownish tile).
image via pinterest

image via Eclectically Vintage, by way of pinterest
On both of those pins, I am liking the floor.  All I know is something needs to be done.  And it only took an earthquake to get me going!

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  1. I lived through a number of earth quakes including that big one in 2001 in Seattle, very strange indeed. The images are very inspirational and so thinking of doing one dark wall when I get my condo.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    1. My formal living room is dark blue and I love it!

  2. These pics are lovely- I'm so sorry to hear about the tortoiseshell + mirrored picture frame, though! That sounds pretty, too. Glad you're okay post-earthquake. I bet that would be scary!


    1. Thanks, Ashley! When earthquakes are little, they aren't too bad. My bathroom needed a change anyway!

  3. Living in Kentucky I have only ever felt one earthquake. I was home alone at the time and had no idea what it was. I didn't learn what it was until several hours later when I saw it on the news.

    I love fresh flowers and greenery in the bathroom.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  4. I love that last bathroom with the mint cabinetry. So fresh! Thank goodness you are safe!

  5. Thank goodness the earthquake wasn't worse. And I love your thoughts on it being a sign that it's time to change!

    I'm loving the dark corner walls. I'm kind of thinking of repainting my bathroom and I'm torn between dark and light walls, but since it had a huge window and it flooded with light, I think we could get away with darker paint. We'll see!



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