Thursday, May 8, 2014

Disneyland Merchandising Magic

What is it about Disneyland that makes me want to buy everything in sight like Mickey Mouse picture frames and salt and pepper shakers?  I know perfectly well that I will not want to use them once I get home, but in the Main Street shops, with the nostalgic music playing and the beautiful seduction of old timey merchandising, I forget all about practicality and I know that I need that retro- modern t shirt depicting Tomorrow Land.
We had a fabulous time at Disneyland.  This was my daughter's first experience and, while she embraced the fantasy of her visit, she was not a fan of The Haunted Mansion or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Those are some of my favorite rides!  Oh well.  Next time.
If you are a Disneyland fan, you will understand the allure of their merchandising.  Here's what I mean:

Would I ever actually carry this bag?  No, I wouldn't.  But, somehow I really want it.
These glasses couldn't be cuter and I could easily be talked into purchasing all of them.  Disney witchery! 
More Disney cuteness.
various signs
There is no end to whimsical signage that would never be a good choice for my home.  I still want them, though.
I couldn't find an image of the particular t-shirt that I was really considering.  It had 50's retro feel with Tomorrowland images.  I just loved it but knew it would be relegated to PJ's.  How do they do it?

 I want to warn you:  As much fun as we had, there were a lot of rides that are down; Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, It's a Small World, and The Submarine Ride.  That is really sad!
Folks, I can't believe it is already Thursday!  I am happy because I get to spend the rest of this week and the next teaching Shakespeare in a 7th grade class.  I'm thrilled!

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