Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day and A Simple Weekend

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Today we stop to honor and remember our heroes here in America.  My own brother is US Air Force so I am sensitive to the importance of the day.  Thank you,Veterans, for your sacrifices that insure our freedom.  
Photo: Flowers in juicy sorbet colors. #happyfriday #peoniepretties #multicoloredlove
The long weekend isn't over yet but it has been fantastic so far.  I started it off by making a glorious flower arrangement out of peonies, roses and alstroemeria.  It just makes everything feel more special and festive.
Photo: It's dinner time! #grubson
In our family, we are all about gathering for meals.  My kids are pretty good about food (although they can be picky at times).
Photo: Talapia with tortellini and bacon.  #itswhatsfordinner
One of our favorite things to eat is tilapia.  I paired this yummy fish with spinach tortellini and bacon.  This weekend isn't about complicated recipes or anything gourmet.  I am just enjoying my family.
Photo: Chocolate filled angel food cake topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate dipped raspberries. A little creation of mine:)
For dessert I decided to do something a little bit different.  I took those store bought sponge cakes and filled them with chocolate, topped them with vanilla ice cream and garnished with chocolate covered raspberries.  Yummy!
Photo: G's new big girl bike!
Photo: Britton and his new ride.  Yay!  Now mommy and daddy can run while they ride.
Both of our kids have recently become more interesting in bike riding.  I know this sounds funny, but we don't live on a street that is conducive to their learning to ride.  We have to go over to local schools or parks for them to practice.  We just bought them new bikes so it's time.

We finished off last evening with a s'more roast.   As you can tell, we have had a blast these past few evenings and today we will continue just enjoying each other and doing simple things that create great memories.

Holiday Weekend
Holiday Weekend by rebecca-iverson featuring kitchen gadgets & tools
Here is a bit of inspiration for you!
I hope you are also enjoying your long weekend: Perhaps you are traveling or BBQ ing but whatever you are doing, I hope you take the time to say a simple 'thank you' to our wonderful service people.

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