Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Shakespeare and A Few Little Pretties

I hope you are all having a good week.  I am.  I have had the opportunity to fill in for a 7th grade honors English teacher for 7 days and I get to teach Shakespeare!  What a dream for me.  I am helping them along with Henry V.  I decided to do a big activity, so they are making comic strips in groups.  By the time they are done, all my classes with have the whole play, from Prologue to Epilogue, in comic strip form.  Ha!  
As fun as this has been, it's also been a lot of work and I am pretty tired and craving some fashion and design inspiration.  Here are the pretty things that are making me happy right now.

bees by RozArt
I love this sweet little bee painting.  It's just so summery and charming.
audrey hepburn, rome, 1968
Ah.  Audrey in Rome circa 1968.  She couldn't be chicer. 
leopard-print benches
I love this for Lori's bedroom.  She needs these leopard benches at the foot of her bed.
I'm ready for a warm-weather bike excursion through some quaint location. 
these are insane
I really neeeed these.  Aren't they awesome!
Just the right balance.
This suit is stunning and it just might be far cooler than I'll ever be.  No might about it, actually.

Happy Wednesday to all of you!

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