Friday, July 11, 2014

Bar Cart DIY

A couple of weeks ago, I stopped in at one of our local antique shops, where I made out like a bandit.  Among my treasures was an old bar cart.

The shelves were in pretty poor shape, but I liked the overall shape of the piece. And luckily, I had come across this post on A Thoughtful Place and this post on I Heart Organizing and I knew I wanted to use marble contact paper in some kind of project.  When I saw this cart, in my head I immediately envisioned it in gold with newly covered marble contact paper shelves. I took it home for around $30.  And when I say I took it home, I really mean I took it to my dad's garage so that he could help me.  I really wish I was little miss diy, but I will readily admit that I am not.  I am really lucky to be surrounded by a bunch of fabulously creative people, though, and they very often take pity on my lack of skills and they help me.
So my dad helped me clean this baby up.
We applied some paint stripper and let it go to work.  A lot of the black paint came off while we were applying the stripper, and for a little while my dad was convinced that the cart was actually painted over brass.  Alas, it was just brass plating, which mostly got stripped away too, but that's okay, as I had already bought some gold spray paint for the job.
As that was drying, I got to work on the shelves.  They needed to be sanded in order for the contact paper to stick to them.

After measuring, cutting, and covering all three boards, it was time to put them on the cart.

I, for one, am pretty happy with how it turned out.  I plan on getting more plants for the top and using that shelf as an indoor herb garden.  I must admit that I already bought some other herbs for it, like basil and parsley, and then promptly killed them.  Oops.  I want to pick up some cilantro and maybe try another basil, since those are two things I know I will use.
Can you believe it's Friday already?!
Any plans for the weekend?


  1. Great job!!! Look so good!!

    Best, Mree

  2. What a fabulous find–it looks absolutely amazing!

    1. Thank you, Lena! I'm loving the extra storage it gives!

  3. what a great find - it turned out so fantastic once you cleaned it up. love the marble contact paper!

    1. Me too! I've got a ton of that contact paper left; I need to think of some other projects for it!

  4. The bar cart that was found looked like it had seen better days. Thankfully the new owner took a look at it and saw that it still had some potential. The pictures are a great way of showing how it was transformed into something beautiful and workable again. It came out great!

    Brandi Bradley @ Rotax Metals



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