Monday, July 14, 2014

Inspiration: Mr. Kate

Happy Monday!  (It is Monday, right?  Sometimes a teacher on vacation tends to forget trivial things like the day of the week!)  I hope you had a fantastic weekend.  Mine was spent obsessively searching for a coffee table that I need to stop obsessing over.  And buying books, and watching Harry Potter, Arrested Development, and finally finishing Dexter (boo to the ending, by the way).  The weekend also consisted of my boyfriend winning a t.v. at a golf tournament and then giving it to the Cat to put in her room.  This is not going to happen, as she is not allowed to have a t.v. in her room, but it will be finding a home in the guest bedroom, where she can access it.  That's going to be a project, to put that in there, because the shape of the room doesn't make for the easiest furniture placement.  Luckily, I have a piece of furniture in mind to set the t.v. on, thanks to staying up too late last night and binge watching all the episodes of Mr. Kate's OMG We Bought a House.

image via Mr. Kate
Originally, this was a ratty old dresser they got at a thrift store.  It needed some work, and they worked it!  I love the two- tone coloring, and the rope pulls are a cute touch.
This little project is on my list, and I'd better hurry, cause the actual cat keeps trying to make the box the t.v. is in her new bed!
Oh, and if you haven't checked out OMG We Bought a House, it is really cute and fun to watch; they're new house is amazing!

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