Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Brand We Love: Maileg

The Cat, my mom and I are spending a couple of days in Ventura. Yesterday we headed down to Main Street to do some thrifting and antiquing. I had no luck, but the Cat found a couple of cute things at the Buffalo Exchange, plus she got a new bathing suit since she went off and left her new one at home! (This happens every year. Maybe she does it on purpose? Crafty little devil.)
We popped into one of my favorite stores out here, Copperfield's, and found these ADORABLE little stuffed animals.  They have a home made feel to them, and the Cat really wanted the elephant.  (She is in love with elephants, as of late.) She settled on a bookmark that looks like a Persian rug, but maybe that little elephant is in her future.


  1. I love the little elephant, too! So cute!


  2. oh my gosh this is the cutest circus set! next time i drive through ventura i will definitely have to stop at this store sooo cute!

  3. Oh my goodness these are too adorable.



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